Revolutionary Alliance Responds To Indictment of Uhuru 3

RA co-founder Alex Suarez with Chairman Omali and his body guard, one of the 3 indicted, a month to the day of the indictment, March 18th 2023, at peace rally in DC, which was the 20th anniversary of the war in Iraq. Suarez also met with Jesse Nevel that day. Black & brown unity as well as Uhuru’s presence at a Central Fl event were discussed.

African People’s Socialist Party (Uhuru) Chairman Omali Yeshitela along with members Penny Joanne Hess and Jesse Nevel have been indicted by the FBI following an investigation since summer last year after their headquarters in St Louis, Missouri and St Petersburg, Florida were raided. Revolutionary Alliance has invited since mid March members of Uhuru to join us at the Rage Against Imperialism event organized in Central Florida in May this year, and hope comrades, either rank and file, or leadership, can still join us despite the escalation of the legal persecution, or lawfare, against these comrades of ours we remain in solidarity with in these hard times for the movement.

The persecution prior to these indictments included freezing of Uhuru bank accounts that used donations to build social programs for our communities, much like the Black Panthers did. Such moves are no different than recent moves like freezing or sanctioning bank accounts belonging to the people of Venezuela who remain under imperialist attack, or the freezing of German or French journalists bank accounts back in their countries for simply reporting the truth on Donbas. Whether its the illegal freezing of Uhuru bank accounts by sanctions, as we encourage people to boycott Regions Bank who were complicit with the government in the freezing, or this further escalation, we stand opposed to these McCarthyite tactics that are meant to smear and intimidate the community of oppressed nations within our society along with the working class and poor striving to fight against imperialism at home or abroad.

The accusation where the three indicted could face 10 years in prison each, is for acting as foreign agents of the Russian government without informing the Attorney General, which is absolutely absurd. Uhuru strongly denies receiving any funds from said government. Uhuru has openly traveled the world to seek guidance in their quest to fight oppression of primarily African people, at home and abroad. Many of these nations included African nations, Russia is not the only country Uhuru has dealt with. The US imperialist government now wants to make it a crime to express solidarity with the Russian troops in their efforts to fight fascist forces on their border by entering predominately Russian provinces in disputed areas of Ukraine. The trip Uhuru took to Russia mind you was before Russia entered Ukraine. In a desperate act of an Empire in decay, the US now, who are losing the propaganda war over Ukraine, as more and more working class, poor and oppressed nations within our society question why we have continued train derailments, and an economy on collapse, as we send more and more money and weapons to a lost cause in Ukraine. In order to prevent more African Americans and others from knowing these truths, the US implements these absurd indictments to try to send a chilling effect and further intimidate our community. We revolutionaries, we anti-imperialists, oppose these imperialist moves both internally and externally, and will continue to call out injustice and seek ways to help our comrades at the Uhuru movement, an attack on one is an attack on all!

Solidarity forever!

Alex Suarez (Revolutionary Alliance)


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