Minutes From Legislative Discussion

Student Government

Boca Raton Campus

Legislative Discussion Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2018

Authored by Rep. Alexander Suarez


Members present (no sign in sheet, by memory)

Rep. Leanet Gutierrez, Chief Justice Issaiah Moriarty, Speaker Noah Goldberg, Pro Tempore Jared Stern, Rep. Javier Bravo, Rep. Grant Barron, Madame Treasurer Gabriella Webb, Rep. Gabriella Miernik, Rep. Alexander Suarez, Rep. Michaelangelo Hamilton, Director of Multicultural Programming Elijah Colas, Vice President Marianne Alex, President Kyle Macdonald

Non house, non judicial or non GAC members present (first names only, including advisers).

Danielle, Corey, Sophie, Sayd, Donald, Harmony

Chaired by Michaelangelo Hamilton

Meeting commenced approximately 4:00pm

Pledge of allegiance.

First 10 minutes was without Roberts Rules.

Rep. Javier Bravo first to speak, asked about college media’s involvement on investigation into impeachment.

Rep. Alexander Suarez responded by asking Rep. Bravo if he supported the impeachment, that he will be quoted as such in University Press (Sophie of UP was present).

Rep. Bravo responded in the affirmative, that he supported the impeachment.

Rep. Suarez then proceeds to explain that numerous attempts to negotiate with Campus Governor Luke Turner were made, and that a deal to leave the Governor seat vacant for two months for the remainder of the semester, after he submits to a temporary suspension from the position, was being offered. That the Governor had two SG members physically removed from his office when they attempted to speak to him.

Chief Justice Isaaiah Moriarty asks Rep. Suarez who were the two members.

Rep. Suarez confirms it was former Associate Justice Sayd Hussein, and a sponsor of the impeachment bill, Leanet Gutierrez.

Chief Justice denies it was physical.

Hussein corrects the Chief Justice, that he was pushed (later retracts).

Rep. Suarez asks Hussein is that is technically assault.

Hussein denies it was assault.

Chief justice claims that one of the three sponsors of the impeachment bill was convicted of credit fraud and claimed he had evidence.

Rep. Suarez responded by saying that, that had to do with him. That it was false. That is was an attempted theft charge that was dismissed.

Chief justice claims Rep. Suarez accused him of violating sunshine law in a Groupme (information provided by Pro Tempore Jared Stern)

Rep. Suarez denies this, says he asked a question based on claims by Rep. Grant Barron (which Barron does not deny).

Madame Treasurer Gabriella Webb says this is a smokescreen, that it was outrageous to mention any criminal charge against a member. Says there was an impeachment bill last semester against President Macdonald that was not serious that nobody voted for (laughter) but that this time it’s serious.

Rep. Bravo asks what smokescreen is.

Rep. Suarez says that it is distraction tactic prosecutors use.

Madame Vice President says we must not vote with our emotions or because of friendship, but on the facts.

House Speaker Noah Goldberg then said that Rep. Suarez was no longer a sponsor of the impeachment.

Rep. Suarez responded by saying he was unaware, that he did not want to request an apology, but wanted to be placed back on.

Hussein responds and says he will talk with Rep. Suarez about this after the meeting.

Rep. Bravo requests that the chair permit Roberts Rules.

Rep. Grant Barron seconds.

Roberts Rules commences.

Rep. Suarez asks Rep. Barron who sent him to the Chairman’s dorm to threaten him with sunshine law violations during the investigation of the impeachment, as Barron had admitted to the press doing so.

Rep. Barron claims he does not remember their name, they there were new. Then says he was not actually sent.

Rep. Suarez asks the Chairman if Rep. Barron did not tell him verbatim he was sent by someone.

Chairman declines to respond in the affirmative, since he must remain neutral.

Rep. Bravo then claims he no longer supports the impeachment because of discrepancies in the copy of the impeachment he was reading.

Rep. Suarez asks Rep. Bravo if he read the impeachment before the meeting.

Rep. Bravo responds in the affirmative, but that he needs an adviser present to read it properly (Advisers were present). That in the past he supported the impeachment but not anymore.

Rep. Suarez reminds Bravo that approximately 10 minutes ago was the past.

Rep. Bravo denies having said he was in favor of impeachment in the meeting.

House Speaker Noah Goldberg claims he got a screenshot where Rep. Suarez affirms he wants to remove the Speaker and Luke Turner at the same time.

Rep. Suarez denies this. Says he supports Noah since he applied to be in his cabinet. His focus is Luke.

Rep. Bravo says he was the one that provided the screenshot of Rep. Suarez.

Rep. Suarez says the screenshot was doctored.

GAC member and director Elijah Colas claims that Luke refuses to speak to him about the budget, even though it is his job too, and says Luke will not speak to the Treasurer either, which is also his constitutional duty.

Madame Treasurer confirms this is true then asks if anyone present has reason for Luke no to be impeached.


Sophie of University Press claims that Michaelangelo did not respond to her demand for comment the night before.

Rep. Suarez responds that the Chairman was on medication and was sleeping when she texted and facebook messaged him.

Corey, of Owl Radio, plays a recording from a show where Rep. Suarez speaks, where Rep. Suarez explains he is not an opportunist, and that this is smokescreen and projection. Corey insists this shows Rep. Suarez broke the law.

Rep. Suarez says he stands by the recording, and unlike Corey, believes in free speech. Also states that Corey approved the show and knew of its contents. That this is about Luke, and the fact in the budget one of his events cost 21 and a half times more than the former governor’s same event, and with less people. That this gives him no pleasure but the Governor has ignored their requests.

Adviser Donald says he advised the Governor not to respond to us.

Rep. Suarez says that the Governor can decide for himself, that he was offered a good deal.

Sophie then starts to record the Chairman for a quote that he gives as the meeting ends.

Meeting concludes after approximately one hour and 30 minutes in totality.





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